Top 5 Tricks for Sparkling Your Laminate Floors 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to preserve the look and durability of a laminate floor. While laminate floors are charming and long-lasting, they do need special maintenance from time to time to stay in top shape. In this blog, we will reveal these 5 tricks to help you have a sparkling laminate floor. Let’s start!

Common Stains and Spots on Laminate Floors

Some think that laminate flooring is more prone to attracting stains and imperfections than other types of flooring and that these marks are more challenging to erase. It is necessary to be aware of how to deal with these irritating stains, which can range from muddy footprints to drinks that have been accidently spilled on the floor. Unattractive stains come in a variety of forms including coffee stains, ink marks, and grease marks. Laminate floor care is fortunately not a difficult task, but it does demand some patience on your part. With the following tips in mind, you’ll see that laminate is just as easy to maintain sparkly clean as other types. 

Here are the top five strategies for maintaining the cleanliness of a laminate floor. To put it simply, if you adhere to these tried and true methods, your laminate flooring will be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Let’s get down to business.

spilled coffee on laminate flooring

1: Choose a Suitable Cleaning Product

Less is more when it comes to scrubbing your laminate flooring. You can get by without an expensive collection of tools. When cleaning your laminate floors, only use products that are mild and neutral in pH. All the grime and dirt will be gone after using these cleansers, and they won’t even leave a trace or harm the surface.Bona, Black Diamond, and Method are just a handful of the trusted brands in the laminate floor cleaning industry. 

These manufacturers provide an assortment of safe and effective cleaning products that will restore the original luster of your laminate flooring. Keep in mind that laminate flooring finishes are easily damaged by abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals. So don’t use any ammonia cleaners, waxes, or bleaches. Use only tried-and-true mild cleaners that won’t harm your flooring.

cleaning solution for laminate flooring

2 : Mop Effectively

Keeping your laminate floors clean is as simple as keeping up with regular sweeping and dusting.

Prepare your mop and cleaning solution by filling a bucket with hot water and adding a few drops of the cleaner of your choice. It is best to use either a microfiber mop or a broom with soft bristles, as traditional brooms have stiff bristles that can harm surfaces. It’s important to squeeze out as much water as possible from the mop before using it. The mop must be damp, but not drenched, before use.

3: Use Protective Mats and Rugs

When it comes to keeping the sheen on your laminate flooring, prevention is always preferable to treatment, especially since laminate floors are notoriously difficult to clean. You can help protect your floors from scratches, filth, and wetness by positioning mats and rugs in high-traffic areas such as entryways and corridors. This will help prevent damage to your flooring. In addition to that, doing so is an excellent way to spruce up the appearance of the area in which you live. In order to avoid tripping and falling, it is imperative that you purchase mats and rugs that have non-slip backings.

protective rug on laminate flooring

4: Avoid Sharp Objects

It is important to keep an eye on the condition of your laminate floors if you have any animal pets in the house. They frequently trim their nails to reduce the risk of scratching. Additionally, exercise caution around pointed things such as high heels and furniture with metal feet. These can quickly leave unfortunate and unattractive markings on your valuable laminate.

5: Manage Sunlight Exposure and Humidity

Even though laminate flooring is very durable, it can still be damaged by direct sunlight and high levels of humidity. Because discoloration brought on by prolonged exposure to the sun can occur over time, it is best to use curtains or blinds to screen the sunlight when possible. In a similar vein, ensuring that the humidity levels in your home are kept at the appropriate levels will assist in minimizing the expansion and contraction of laminate boards, thus lowering the likelihood that the boards will buckle or warp. While it’s impossible to precisely set the climate in your home at all times, maintaining a general idea of the temperature and humidity can make a big difference over the years. 

As a whole, following these five simple steps will help your laminate flooring maintain its immaculate appearance for years. Give your floors the attention they need, and they’ll reward you with shiny laminate that lasts a lifetime. 

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